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BDFA Giant 40 Saucer Swing For Kids - 400 Lb Weight Capacity. Fully Assembled. Easy To Install


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Hang up and install easilyYou can hang your swing on a tree. pole or pole. Installation is very convenient. You will get all the necessary tools and detailed and comfortWhen your child is playing. the large circular contact area makes the swing safe and comfortable. They will turn your backyard into a playground. Our sauce swing can hold 330 pounds. Your child and her friends can share happy hours on our swings.a good gift for childrenYour children and their friends must like to play on a swing or take a leisurely stroll on a swing.Swing size100 cm in diameter (40 inches)Each rope is 170 cm (67 inches) longVertical height 180 cm (71 inches)Maximum load: 150 kg (330 lbs)Safety. The swing frame is made of heavy duty steel. All steel is covered with a sponge to protect your child from injury while playing on a swing.It always brings us good childhood memories and happiness. This is an essential item in family gatherings and outdoor activities.
Large and durable: 100 cm (40 inches) in diameter. four ropes. each 180 cm (71 inches) long. and a vertical height of 176 cm (69 inches). Maximum load: 150 kg (330 lbs). A 40-inch large seat belt allows your child to have enough space to play with friends. The steel frame. 600 D oxford cloth and sturdy straps ensure a very durable swing.
Unique design: Our Tree Swing is a safe parent and child toy. Developed to promote group games. this wave will quickly become everyone's favorite!
Quick and easy to install: Our swings are designed for quick and worry-free assembly and disassembly. We provide a simple step-by-step guide and provide you with a toll-free number.
Weatherability: Our mirror waves are affected by the weather and continue to be in good condition. The unique 600D oxford fabric ensures that rain and snow are suitable for this swing. We built this swing to deal with anything that nature provides.
This year is very interesting: our huge 40-inch swing and mobile banner are very popular with kids. which is of course the reason! Its unique design makes it exciting all year round. Large enough for adults and/or children. It is always very popular at the party and guarantees roaring laughter and a big smile